About Us

Welcome to Do-It-Yourself Marketspace! DIY is the modern way to create online classified ads for everyday items and services. Every time you post something on DIY, you'll earn valuable reward points that can be used toward your favorite retailers, restaurants and events!

The website is free to all users and postings last for a minimum period of 30 days in our user search. Users can also repost to bring their posting back to the top of the search results once the initial post has expired. New users get 1000 points with their first post!

There are currently five marketspaces; Products, Jobs, Auto, Services and Real Estate. Each marketspace allows users to make postings for personal or business items they would like to share with the DIY Community. Check back regularly for new marketspaces!

We love to hear feedback! Please contact us with any questions, concerns, ideas for improvement or just to say hi! Thanks for using DIY Marketspace!


Products: DIY Marketspace for products lets our users post and search general items for sale like electronics, bicycles, jewelry, furniture and more! Postings are always free.

Jobs: DIY Marketspace offers a powerful employment search engine for employers and job seekers. Employers can post jobs for any industry and job seekers can find part time, full time or contract potions locally or across the country. Postings are always free.

Auto: DIY Marketspace, showcases cars, trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles from private posters, brokers and dealerships. Postings are always free.

Services: If you're looking for anything from a handyman to a professional contractor to a math tutor, DIY can help. Postings are always free.

Real Estate: Find properties for rent, for sale, vacation or corporate lodging on DIY Marketspace Real Estate! Postings are always free.

DIY Safe Zone

The safety of our users is our most important concern here at DIY Marketspace. We've designed our site to be a free and open platform for people to interact with each other comfortably.

Should you ever arrange a transaction with another DIY user and would like the added peace of mind to conduct the transaction in a safe, neutral location, feel free to coordinate a meet up at a designated DIY Safe Zone. DIY Marketspace has partnered with local law enforcement, fire stations and, public libraries to create safe environments for users to meet up and exchange goods and informationClick here for a list of DIY Safe Zones in your local area.